Kokoo­mus vaatii Fideszin erot­ta­mista EPP:stä yhdessä 12 muun puolu­een kanssa

Julkaistu: 02.04.2020

Kirjeessä EPP:n puheen­joh­taja Donald Tuskille 13 Euroo­pan kansan­puo­lu­een (EPP) jäsen­puo­luetta vaati­vat Fideszin erot­ta­mista EPP:stä. Kirjeen on alle­kir­joit­ta­nut kokoo­muk­sen puheen­joh­taja ja EPP:n vara­pu­heen­joh­taja Petteri Orpo.

Fideszin jäse­nyys EPP:ssä jäädy­tet­tiin noin vuosi sitten muun muassa kokoo­muk­sen ja mode­raat­tien aloit­teesta.


Dear Presi­dent Tusk, April 2, 2020

As leaders of EPP member parties with deep roots in our respec­tive count­ries’ center-right and pro-
Euro­pean poli­tical tradi­tions, we wish to express our deep concern with the poli­tical deve­lop­ments in
Hungary, in particu­lar the law passed by the Hunga­rian parlia­ment on March 30th, which allows the
Hunga­rian govern­ment to inde­fi­ni­tely extend the country’s state of emer­gency and allows Prime
Minis­ter Viktor Orbán to rule by decree.

This is a clear viola­tion of the foun­ding principles of libe­ral democ­racy and Euro­pean values. The
fight against covid-19 requi­res exten­sive measu­res, howe­ver the virus cannot be used as a pretext to
extend the state of emer­gency inde­fi­ni­tely. We fear that Prime Minis­ter Orbán will use his newly
achie­ved power to furt­her extend the government’s grip on civil society.

The EPP has a commit­ment to safe­guard libe­ral democ­racy, the indis­pu­table right of the indi­vi­dual
and the rule of law, which are funda­men­tal principles, upon which not only our poli­tical family, but
indeed the Euro­pean Union is foun­ded.

We have followed the degra­da­tion of the Hunga­rian rule of law for some time. Fidesz is currently
suspen­ded from the EPP due to its failure to respect the principle of rule of law. Howe­ver, the recent
deve­lop­ments have confir­med our convic­tion that Fidesz, with its current policies, cannot enjoy full
members­hip in the EPP.

We wish to express our full support to Presi­dent Donald Tusk and the entire EPP leaders­hip in
uphol­ding the integrity of our poli­tical family. We call on the expul­sion of Fidesz from the EPP in
accor­dance with article 9 of the EPP statu­tes.

We furt­her­more under­line our support for the Euro­pean Commis­sion and call on joint action by the
Member States to address the situa­tion in Hungary force­fully.

We have some very chal­len­ging times ahead. A strong and united Europe, commit­ted to the foun­ding
values of free­dom, democ­racy, equa­lity, the rule of law and respect for human rights and human
dignity, is a neces­sity for us all.

Joac­him Coens, CD&V (Belgium)

Maxime Prevot, CdH (Belgium)

Markéta Peka­rová Adamová, Top 09 (Czec­hia)

Søren Pape Poul­sen, Conser­va­tive People’s Party (Denmark)

Petteri Orpo, Natio­nal Coali­tion Party (Finland)

Kyria­kos Mitso­ta­kis, Prime Minis­ter of Greece, Nea Demo­kra­tia

Gabrie­lius Lands­ber­gis, Home­land Union – Lithua­nian Chris­tian Democ­rats

Frank Engel, CSV (Luxem­bourg)

Rutger Ploum, CDA (Nether­lands)

Erna Solberg, Prime Minis­ter of Norway, Conser­va­tive Party of Norway

Miros­lav Beblavy,  SPOLU (Slova­kia)

Ebba Busch, Chris­tian Democ­rats (Sweden)

Ulf Kris­ters­son, Mode­rate Party (Sweden)