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“Our choice for Presi­dent of the Euro­pean Commis­sion is Alex Stubb”


Strong support from the Nordics and the Baltics for Alexan­der Stubb to become the EPP Spitzen­kan­di­dat.

“We, the Leaders of EPP member parties in Finland, Sweden, Esto­nia, Latvia and Norway, believe that it is time for the next gene­ra­tion of Euro­peans to take the lead in the Euro­pean Union.

That is why we support Mr. Alexan­der Stubb for EPP Candi­date for Presi­dent of the Euro­pean Commis­sion. We believe that Mr. Stubb is best suited to help the EPP parties to win the Euro­pean Parlia­ment elec­tion next spring, get the support of the Euro­pean Council and the Euro­pean Parlia­ment and finally, run the Euro­pean Commis­sion. He has the requi­red expe­rience, commu­nica­tion and language skills, and a pro-Euro­pean, posi­tive and prag­ma­tic vision for Europe.

Euro­pean values are under attack from both inside and outside the Euro­pean Union. Respect for human dignity, free­dom, democ­racy, equa­lity, the rule of law and human rights, inclu­ding the rights of persons belon­ging to mino­ri­ties, are the foun­da­tion of Europe. Our values need and deserve a strong defen­der.

Inside, the EU needs to be more united. This means miti­ga­ting unneces­sary divi­sions between East and West, North and South. We must be better at high­ligh­ting what unites us instead of what diffe­ren­tia­tes us.

We need the member states to take more owners­hip in the Euro­pean project.

Outside, Europe must take more respon­si­bi­lity of its own destiny. As the United States and the United King­dom are in a process of volun­tary margi­na­li­sa­tion from world poli­tics, the Euro­pean Union needs to step in and fill the emer­ging power vacuums. This means step­ping up to the plate on issues such as secu­rity, migra­tion, climate change, sustai­nable growth and free, rules-based trade. By focusing on these issues and acting toget­her, the EU can provide more added value to the EU citizens and member states than by each member state acting alone.

As Presi­dent of the Euro­pean Commis­sion Mr. Stubb would stand up for Euro­pean values. He would strive for stron­ger, more united and focused Euro­pean Union. Mr. Stubb is in his own league with his background and expe­rience. Ten years in acade­mia and civil service, four years in the Euro­pean Parlia­ment, eight years in govern­ment as Prime-, Finance-, Foreign-, Trade and Europe Minis­ter, and a year at the Euro­pean Invest­ment Bank have given him a wealth of execu­tive and legis­la­tive expe­rience to serve Euro­pean citizens.

Most impor­tantly, Mr. Stubb’s background and expe­rience have made him a true pro-Euro­pean. He is posi­tive, inspi­ring and forward-looking leader. To make Euro­pean values and the Euro­pean project attrac­tive to new voters and youn­ger Euro­peans, we need a Presi­dent of the Euro­pean Commis­sion who repre­sents the next gene­ra­tion of Europe. Our choice for the job is Alex.”

Petteri Orpo, Kansal­li­nen Kokoo­mus
Ulf Kris­ters­son, Nya Mode­ra­terna
Helir-Valdor Seeder, Isamaa
Erna Solberg, Høyre
Arvils Ašera­dens, Vienotība

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