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National Coali­tion Party’s elec­tion program


Now’s the right time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

This is the elec­toral plat­form of the National Coali­tion Party, but we’d rather call it a work­sheet. Right now it feels like the time for empty rhetoric is over, and it’s time to act. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Everyone’s welcome, because Finland is our common cause.

1. We will turn the tide of Finnish econ­omy and stan­dard of living 

The stan­dard of living and purchas­ing power in Finland will increase, and people will still have money left to make their dreams come true. The National Coali­tion Party knows the formula for growth. We want to relieve the regu­la­tions of market econ­omy and remove the obsta­cles to enter­ing the markets.  

The 10-point work­sheet of the National Coali­tion Party: 

  1. We will put the precon­di­tions of economic growth in Finland in order. We’ll drive invest­ments in Finland and improve the compet­i­tive­ness of our econ­omy based on the National Coali­tion Party’s formula for growth. We’ll work in even closer coop­er­a­tion with Finnish cities, munic­i­pal­i­ties and regions to create growth.
  2. We will improve the precon­di­tions for Finnish entre­pre­neur­ship. We’ll make sure compa­nies have a support­ive, stable and predictable oper­at­ing envi­ron­ment and taxa­tion. We’ll make it easier to invest in Finland and ensure smooth permit processes. 
  3. We will improve export oppor­tu­ni­ties for Finnish compa­nies. We’ll continue expand­ing the Euro­pean single market and free­ing inter­na­tional trade to improve Finland’s export oppor­tu­ni­ties. We’ll decrease our depen­dency on dicta­tor­ships.
  4. We will imple­ment a programme for fair compe­ti­tion. We’ll remove obsta­cles to enter­ing the market, increase compe­ti­tion between compa­nies, and relieve regu­la­tions and unnec­es­sary norms to lower consumer prices. We’ll reform alco­hol poli­cies, rail­way compe­ti­tion, gambling systems and public procure­ment, as well as relieve phar­macy regu­la­tions in the spirit of respon­si­ble market econ­omy.
  5. We will improve the oppor­tu­ni­ties for Finns to get wealth­ier. We’ll expand the field of appli­ca­tion for invest­ment savings accounts, remove their maxi­mum invest­ment limit, and intro­duce invest­ment savings accounts for newborns. We’ll improve the precon­di­tions of owner­ship by launch­ing a national owner­ship program. 
  6. We will fix traf­fic connec­tions every­where in Finland. Func­tional connec­tions within and from Finland are vital in terms of economic growth and secu­rity of supply. We’ll pay off repair debt on road and rail networks and see to sea and air connec­tions. We’ll enable func­tional regional trains in new urban areas, develop faster rail connec­tions, and promote compe­ti­tion in rail traf­fic.
  7. We will take up on the oppor­tu­ni­ties of digi­tal­i­sa­tion and data econ­omy. We’ll push growth by promot­ing the data skills and digi­tal­i­sa­tion of SMEs, as well as invest­ments in fast connec­tions, research and prod­uct devel­op­ment. We’ll make sure we have nation-wide commu­ni­ca­tion infra­struc­ture. We’ll improve public services through digi­tal­i­sa­tion and provide data on the public sector to support the creation of new inno­va­tions.
  8. We will reform the hous­ing policy in Finland. We’ll reduce home­less­ness by reserv­ing publicly funded rental hous­ing to those who need them the most. We’ll control the cost devel­op­ment of hous­ing by increas­ing the supply of plots and hous­ing. We’ll reform the hous­ing allowance system and land use and build­ing regu­la­tions. We’ll increase coop­er­a­tion between govern­ment and cities.
  9. We will improve the compet­i­tive­ness of Finnish food produc­tion. We’ll ensure the secu­rity of supply and food secu­rity. People must have safe, healthy and sustain­ably produced Finnish food avail­able to them. Agri­cul­ture must be devel­oped to become more compet­i­tive and viable and be more based on entre­pre­neur­ship. We’ll improve the precon­di­tions of food and food­stuff export.
  10. We will ensure the sustain­able use of natural resources. Respon­si­ble forestry and circu­lar econ­omy offer solu­tions for fight­ing climate change and increase well-being every­where in Finland. 

2. We will stop living on borrowed money

The National Coali­tion Party is striv­ing for a Finland where the financ­ing for a welfare state is secured for gener­a­tions to come. We want to balance public finances with­out increas­ing the total tax rate. We wish to strengthen economic growth and create new jobs, increase produc­tiv­ity in both the private and public sectors, as well as priori­tise and decrease public expen­di­ture. 

The 10-point work­sheet of the National Coali­tion Party: 

  1. We will balance public expenses and revenue. We’ll write an economic recov­ery programme last­ing two parlia­men­tary terms to balance public finances in Finland and stop indebt­ed­ness by 2031.
  2. We will lower the total tax rate in Finland. Taxa­tion in Finland is already heavy. Instead of increas­ing taxes, we’ll balance finances through growth and employ­ment measures and by curb­ing expen­di­ture.
  3. We will priori­tise public expen­di­ture. When making deci­sions on balanc­ing finances, all avenues are inves­ti­gated, but we will avoid cutting from educa­tion and culture expenses, expenses crit­i­cal to increas­ing employ­ment and growth, as well as national defence and secu­rity expenses.
  4. If we add to expenses, we will save some­where else. Tax cuts would be financed primar­ily by cutting expenses and by increas­ing taxes least detri­men­tal to employ­ment and growth. 
  5. We will improve the produc­tiv­ity of the public sector. For exam­ple, we’ll promote free munic­i­pal­ity exper­i­ments, make use of digi­tal­i­sa­tion, speed up processes, and direct resources from admin­is­tra­tion to action and services. This saves work­ing hours and improves coping at work.
  6. We will increase employ­ment up to 80 per cent by 2030. By follow­ing the action plan of the National Coali­tion Party, a 100.000 Finns will gain employ­ment during the next parlia­men­tary term. We’ll remove obsta­cles to work­ing, reform the labour market and invest in well-being at work. 
  7. We will make it prof­itable to work under all circum­stances. We’ll reform taxa­tion and social secu­rity and remove inac­tiv­ity traps, so that at least half of each Euro earned through work remains with the worker. 
  8. We will relieve the taxa­tion of labour in all income brack­ets. When allo­cated correctly, tax cuts promote economic growth and encour­age employ­ment, thus return­ing some of the price of the tax cuts to the govern­ment. We will not make tax cuts to incur debt. We’ll trans­fer the focus of taxa­tion from labour and entre­pre­neurs to harms, emis­sions and consump­tion. 
  9. We will reform Finnish work­ing life and labour markets. We’ll increase contrac­tual free­dom in all work­places. We’ll promote good labour rela­tions in our soci­ety. We’ll create a slid­ing scale for earn­ings-related unem­ploy­ment bene­fits and expand it to include every­one. We’ll improve work abil­ity, well-being at work and equal­ity in work­ing life.
  10. We will speed up inter­na­tional recruit­ment. The work­ing age popu­la­tion in Finland grows smaller as the number of elderly people increases. This equa­tion chal­lenges the very foun­da­tion of our well-being. We’ll relieve the bureau­cracy involved in inter­na­tional recruit­ment. We’ll make sure people have easy access to work in Finland and that work permits are granted swiftly.

3. We will turn Finland into a super­power of clean, afford­able and reli­able energy 

The National Coali­tion Party wants Finland to become a super­power of clean, afford­able and reli­able energy, so that Finnish house­holds and compa­nies don’t run out of elec­tric­ity in the dead of winter. We need energy to keep our lights on, our houses warm and our compa­nies running. With the same clean energy, Finland can attract energy inten­sive indus­tries and jobs. The signif­i­cance of clean, afford­able and reli­able energy as an engine for economic growth and as a precur­sor of well-being will only increase with time. 

The 10-point work­sheet of the National Coali­tion Party: 

  1. We will make sure Finns have afford­able elec­tric­ity avail­able to them. We’ll reform the elec­tric­ity market and pric­ing model to be fairer, so that house­holds and compa­nies have smaller elec­tric­ity bills. The most expen­sive produc­tion of elec­tric­ity shouldn’t deter­mine the price of all elec­tric­ity. We’ll make sure afford­able, clean and Finnish elec­tric­ity doesn’t run out even in the dead of winter.
  2. We will fight climate change. We’ll imple­ment emis­sions abate­ments in a cost effi­cient and tech­nol­ogy neutral manner, on the market’s terms - with­out compro­mis­ing stan­dard of living. The substan­tial carbon hand­print of Finnish compa­nies ensures effec­tive measures to fight climate change.
  3. We will harness market econ­omy to fight climate change. We’ll promote the adop­tion of new tech­nolo­gies and the creation of domes­tic inno­va­tions. We’ll tax climate emis­sions equally regard­less of the source. A smart tax policy prevent­ing carbon leak­age is the way to reach climate targets on the market’s terms.
  4. We will defend biodi­ver­sity. We’ll protect the Baltic Sea and Finnish water­ways, forests and wetlands. We’ll support the Forest Biodi­ver­sity Programme (METSO) and the Helmi habi­tats programme. We’ll reduce the nutri­ent pollu­tion caus­ing the eutroph­i­ca­tion of the Baltic Sea. 
  5. We will invest in clean energy. We’ll promote the use of wind and solar power. Detach­ing Finland from Russ­ian fossil energy will improve the secu­rity of supply and help in reach­ing our climate targets. 
  6. We will build more nuclear power. We’ll commit to grant­ing posi­tive deci­sions in prin­ci­ple to all nuclear power projects that meet the safety require­ments. We’ll remove the obsta­cles to build­ing small nuclear reac­tors. We’ll make sure to have incen­tives for invest­ing in and main­tain­ing secure elec­tric­ity consump­tion.
  7. We will strengthen Finland’s energy self-suffi­ciency. Better self-suffi­ciency will improve Finland’s secu­rity of supply and safety, as well as the compet­i­tive­ness of domes­tic indus­tries.
  8. We will stream­line the zoning and permit processes of energy invest­ments. We’ll give a permit guar­an­tee to energy projects that are crit­i­cal to Finland’s secu­rity of supply and safety. These projects will be given the high­est prior­ity in zoning, permit and appeals processes.
  9. We will promote the gener­al­i­sa­tion of elec­tric­ity demand response. We’ll encour­age and, if neces­sary, oblig­ate elec­tric­ity suppli­ers to offer contracts where the stabil­ity of a fixed price is combined with the chance to save money by reduc­ing consump­tion during peak hours. 
  10. We will develop energy stor­age and power trans­mis­sion grids. We’ll make sure Finland is ready for hydro­gen energy econ­omy and that Finnish compa­nies are equipped to thrive in global hydro­gen markets. We’ll create a national hydro­gen econ­omy strat­egy for Finland. We’ll improve the power trans­mis­sion grid within Finland and the Nordic coun­tries.

4. We will ensure the safety of Finland and Finns

The National Coali­tion Party strives for a safe Finland, which is an insep­a­ra­ble part of the West­ern value, econ­omy and secu­rity commu­nity. The most impor­tant part­ners of Finland are the Euro­pean Union and NATO. In addi­tion to inter­na­tional coop­er­a­tion, we wish to invest in strong national defence, inter­nal secu­rity and the basic pillars of the rule of law.

The 10-point work­sheet of the National Coali­tion Party: 

  1. We will make Finland an active member of the North Atlantic Treaty Orga­ni­za­tion NATO. We’ll strengthen Finland’s status as a part of the West. Finland will deter­mine its own role and poli­cies in NATO. We won’t set limi­ta­tions to our partic­i­pa­tion in NATO oper­a­tions.
  2. We will ensure suffi­cient resources for the Finnish national defence. We’ll improve the oper­at­ing condi­tions of domes­tic and Euro­pean defence indus­tries. We’ll commit to main­tain­ing defence expen­di­ture at a mini­mum of 2 per cent of the GDP. We’ll expand the call-ups to include the entire age class. We’ll make sure the best talents of the age class partic­i­pate in national defence.
  3. We will strengthen Finland’s border secu­rity. We’ll ensure the financ­ing of the Finnish Border Guard and the build­ing of the barrier fence on the border between Finland and Russia.
  4. We will improve over­all safety and national crisis toler­ance. We’ll make sure Finland is prop­erly prepared for hybrid and cyber threats. We’ll strengthen the protec­tion on crit­i­cal infra­struc­ture as well as improve secu­rity of supply and self-suffi­ciency in terms of food and energy.
  5. We will make the every­day lives of Finns safer. We’ll tackle domes­tic violence. We’ll ensure the safety of our homes and streets. We’ll increase the number of police offi­cers and ensure suffi­cient resources and powers for inter­nal secu­rity author­i­ties. 
  6. We will strengthen the state governed by the rule of law. We’ll update the crim­i­nal law and shorten the dura­tion of legal processes.  
  7. We will fight the margin­al­i­sa­tion, crim­i­nal activ­ity and gang activ­ity of the youth, and stop us from trav­el­ling down the same road as Sweden. We’ll use both soft and hard measures. We’ll fix the preven­tive support services for the youth, child protec­tive services and immi­grant inte­gra­tion poli­cies. We’ll invest in the mental health of the youth and in substance use preven­tion. We’ll increase the penal­ties given for gang crimes and firearm offences.
  8. We will update our asylum poli­cies. We’ll reserve asylums to those in direst need and stop the exploita­tion of the system. We’ll stream­line the process of handling asylum appli­ca­tions and enforced returns. We’ll ensure immi­grants have strong incen­tives for inte­gra­tion by making work­ing and language learn­ing more oblig­a­tory.
  9. We will take active and proac­tive measures in the EU and promote a strong and finan­cially compet­i­tive Union. We’ll increase inte­gra­tion in areas where it’s deemed reason­able and high­light the respon­si­bil­i­ties of each member state in others. We’ll draw up a strat­egy to reduce depen­dence on and risks asso­ci­ated with author­i­tar­ian coun­tries, such as China. We’ll take part in strate­gic, active and effec­tive devel­op­ment coop­er­a­tion to tie devel­op­ing coun­tries into the inter­na­tional system based on rules and human rights.
  10. We will secure Finland’s inter­ests out in the world. The most impor­tant task of Finnish foreign policy is to ensure the safety and well-being of Finland and Finns and the real­i­sa­tion of commer­cial inter­ests. As compe­ti­tion between super powers and conflicts increase, new insight is needed in Finnish foreign policy and diplo­macy to reach these goals.

5. We will strengthen Finnish know-how and drive inno­va­tion  

The National Coali­tion Party strives for a Finland, where compet­i­tive­ness is based on strong educa­tion and excel­lent know-how. We want each and every child to have a good start­ing point in life through qual­ity early child­hood educa­tion and indi­vid­ual basic educa­tion. We want Finnish univer­si­ties, poly­tech­nics and research to be among the best in the world.

The 10-point work­sheet of the National Coali­tion Party: 

  1. We will improve the qual­ity and partic­i­pa­tion rate of early child­hood educa­tion. We’ll imple­ment two-year pre-primary educa­tion and pursue free early child­hood educa­tion. 
  2. We will fix our basic educa­tion. When it comes to basic educa­tion, we’ll invest in the basics: peace­ful learn­ing envi­ron­ments and suffi­cient indi­vid­ual support. We’ll allow our teach­ers to focus on teach­ing and stop the dete­ri­o­ra­tion of our learn­ing outcomes. We’ll make sure pupils grad­u­at­ing from basic educa­tion have the suffi­cient skills and knowl­edge.
  3. We will ensure upper secondary educa­tion is avail­able to the entire age class. We’ll make sure there are enough resources for upper secondary educa­tion and support services. We’ll make sure voca­tional educa­tion has enough lessons to offer to our youth. We’ll promote appren­tice­ship agree­ments and enable the certi­fi­ca­tion of compe­tence through doing. 
  4. We will increase the share of popu­la­tion with higher educa­tion. By 2030, 50% of the popu­la­tion will have a higher educa­tion degree. We’ll allo­cate more avail­able student places to areas with the high­est lack of skilled work­ers.
  5. We will reform the distri­b­u­tion of work, profil­ing and coop­er­a­tion between univer­si­ties and poly­tech­nics. We’ll encour­age univer­si­ties and poly­tech­nics to find the fields where they can aim to be the best in the world. We’ll strengthen the auton­omy of higher educa­tion insti­tu­tions through capi­tal­i­sa­tion. We’ll enable more indi­vid­ual learn­ing paths, flex­i­ble paths to work­ing life, and work-based learn­ing.
  6. We will increase fund­ing for science and research. We’ll imple­ment a programme, last­ing one parlia­men­tary term, where the capi­tal of higher educa­tion insti­tu­tions consists of billion Euros of public fund­ing and at least half a billion of private fund­ing. 
  7. We will increase the share of research, devel­op­ment and inno­va­tion fund­ing to 4 per cent of the GDP by 2030. We’ll adopt an exten­sive right to RDI tax deduc­tions for busi­nesses, which will increase the number of RDI invest­ments in compa­nies.
  8. We will make educa­tion more inter­na­tional. We’ll grant grad­u­ates of higher educa­tion a two-year resi­dence permit so they can apply for work. We’ll increase the number of inter­na­tional students in upper secondary educa­tion and thus ensure their language skills and inte­gra­tion into Finnish soci­ety from an early age.
  9. We will improve the oper­at­ing condi­tions of culture and creative econ­omy. We’ll develop cultural export and tourism and strengthen the cultural sector in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.  
  10. We will improve the precon­di­tions of sports and exer­cise. We’ll support the health and well-being of people by promot­ing a phys­i­cally active lifestyle. The precon­di­tions of elite sports will be improved in coop­er­a­tion with the busi­ness sector.

6. We will increase well-being in Finland and prevent margin­al­i­sa­tion

The National Coali­tion Party wants a Finland that treats well chil­dren, the youth and work­ing age people as well as the elderly. We wish to promote health and well-being in Finns and invest in the preven­tion of margin­al­i­sa­tion and other prob­lems. We want to make social and health care services more read­ily avail­able and safe­guard the every­day lives of all Finns. 

The 10-point work­sheet of the National Coali­tion Party: 

  1. We will make social and health care services more read­ily avail­able. The services will be made more easily avail­able through virtual consul­ta­tion and other digi­tal services.
  2. We will promote true free­dom of choice when it comes to social and health care services. When organ­is­ing the services, we’ll make use of Kela reim­burse­ments, service vouch­ers and personal budget­ing.
  3. We will also make use of compa­nies and organ­i­sa­tions in provid­ing social and health care services. By using multi­ple providers, we’ll improve the qual­ity and cost effec­tive­ness of services. We’ll control the qual­ity of service regard­less of the provider and inter­vene when there’s room for improve­ment.
  4. We will take assertive action to resolve the nurse short­age. We’ll invest in the train­ing, occu­pa­tional well-being, devel­op­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties and inter­na­tional recruit­ment of nurses.
  5. We will invest in prevent­ing health and well-being prob­lems. We’ll grant a ther­apy guar­an­tee and improve mental health services. We’ll treat prob­lems at an early stage so that their human and social costs will remain as low as possi­ble. We’ll reduce phys­i­cal inac­tiv­ity by provid­ing more oppor­tu­ni­ties for active every­day lives. 
  6. We will make sure all seniors can grow old with dignity. We’ll fix around-the-clock care, hous­ing services, domes­tic care, and depen­dent care. We’ll support the coping of carers. We’ll ensure seniors main­tain active lifestyles.
  7. We will remove the obsta­cles to living and partic­i­pa­tion for disabled people. We’ll design acces­si­ble urban areas and services. When making deci­sions, we’ll take limi­ta­tions in mobil­ity, hear­ing and vision, as well as learn­ing disabil­i­ties, into consid­er­a­tion. We’ll make sure disabled people have equal chances of partic­i­pat­ing in work­ing life.
  8. We will make every­day life easier for fami­lies with chil­dren. We’ll ensure family services to make every­day life easier. We’ll ensure preven­tive services and early involve­ment, so that people get help and support before the prob­lems begin to mount.  We’ll increase the well-being of chil­dren and the youth. 
  9. We will develop family leaves with equal­ity and employ­ment in mind. We’ll take the inter­est of the child and the indi­vid­ual situ­a­tions of fami­lies into consid­er­a­tion.
  10. We will strengthen commu­nity cohe­sion in Finland and prevent margin­al­i­sa­tion. We’ll build towards an equal Finland. We’ll strengthen the sense of secu­rity. We’ll work on making every­one feel a part of soci­ety.

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