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Our choice for President of the European Commission is Alex Stubb

Our choice for President of the European Commission is Alex Stubb

Julkaistu: 06.11.2018 EU

Strong support from the Nordics and the Baltics for Alexander Stubb to become the EPP Spitzen­kan­didat.

“We, the Leaders of EPP member parties in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Norway, believe that it is time for the next generation of Europeans to take the lead in the European Union.

That is why we support Mr. Alexander Stubb for EPP Candidate for President of the European Commission. We believe that Mr. Stubb is best suited to help the EPP parties to win the European Parliament election next spring, get the support of the European Council and the European Parliament and finally, run the European Commission. He has the required experience, commu­nication and language skills, and a pro-European, positive and pragmatic vision for Europe.

European values are under attack from both inside and outside the European Union. Respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities, are the foundation of Europe. Our values need and deserve a strong defender.

Inside, the EU needs to be more united. This means mitigating unnecessary divisions between East and West, North and South. We must be better at highlighting what unites us instead of what diffe­ren­tiates us.

We need the member states to take more ownership in the European project.

Outside, Europe must take more respon­si­bility of its own destiny. As the United States and the United Kingdom are in a process of voluntary margi­na­li­sation from world politics, the European Union needs to step in and fill the emerging power vacuums. This means stepping up to the plate on issues such as security, migration, climate change, sustai­nable growth and free, rules-based trade. By focusing on these issues and acting together, the EU can provide more added value to the EU citizens and member states than by each member state acting alone.

As President of the European Commission Mr. Stubb would stand up for European values. He would strive for stronger, more united and focused European Union. Mr. Stubb is in his own league with his background and experience. Ten years in academia and civil service, four years in the European Parliament, eight years in government as Prime-, Finance-, Foreign-, Trade and Europe Minister, and a year at the European Investment Bank have given him a wealth of executive and legis­lative experience to serve European citizens.

Most impor­tantly, Mr. Stubb’s background and experience have made him a true pro-European. He is positive, inspiring and forward-looking leader. To make European values and the European project attractive to new voters and younger Europeans, we need a President of the European Commission who repre­sents the next generation of Europe. Our choice for the job is Alex.”

Petteri Orpo, Kansal­linen Kokoomus
Ulf Kristersson, Nya Modera­terna
Helir-Valdor Seeder, Isamaa
Erna Solberg, Høyre
Arvils Ašeradens, Vienotība