Members of the European Parliament

In the European Parliament the Kokoomus group consists of representatives Petri Sarvamaa, Henna Virkkunen and Sirpa Pietikäinen, who were elected for the period of 2014-2014 in June 2014.

Kokoomus Biggest in Euro Elections

Kokoomus was the biggest party in Finland in the Euro elections, as it received 22,6 % of the votes. In total Kokoomus received 390 376 votes. Next Euro elections will take place in June 2014.

Kokoomus now has three representatives in the European Parliament.

Kokoomus Continues as a Strong European Opinion Leader

Kokoomus representatives in the European Parliament Petri Sarvamaa, Henna Virkkunen and Sirpa Pietikäinen are members of the European Peoples Party (EPP) group, which is the largest and most influential political group in the European Parliament. It consists of 220 members of Parliament from among total 751 members of Parliament after the elections in 2014.

The Center-Right European Peoples Party (EPP) is the first multinational political party founded on European level. The European Peoples Party is strongly represented in the Council of the European Union. website