Kokoomus in International Affairs

Kokoomus has an active role in international affairs and in outlining Finnish foreign policy. Securing Finland´s interests and maximising Finnish influence is a natural starting point whether it be in foreign, security or EU policy.

Finland became a member of the EU and the Eurozone while Kokoomus was in government in the 1990´s. Also today, Kokoomus sets its sights forward: we aim to sustain  and to secure Finland´s position and influence in an enlarging Union. We wish to build an economically and politically stronger European Union; we envisage an EU that is a more effective and more prominent actor in world politics.

Kokoomus has direct contacts and discussion channels at the very core of the EU decision-making bodies as it belongs to the most powerful political movement of the EU the European People?s Party, EPP (www.epp.eu). Kokoomus has three MEPs working in the biggest political group in the European Parliament, the EPP Group. The President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, is an Honorary President of the EPP.

The EPP is also the leading party in the Council (13 Heads of Government) and in the European Commission, where thirteen Commissioners belong to the EPP political family.

Kokoomus highly values its close relations with its Scandinavian sister parties within the Conservative Group of the Nordic Council. Regular meetings on all party levels ensure open communication and a creative exchange of ideas.

The organisation for worldwide cooperation for centre-right parties, the International Democrat Union, offers Kokoomus a wide network of like-minded political actors around the globe. IDU stands for promoting democracy, human rights and market economy, and currently has over 80 member parties from over 60 countries full members from both Russia and the USA.

International affairs and an active role on a range of multinational forums imply, however, a lot more than just the national perspective. We believe in the benefits of globalisation, but recognise the problems it can bring about. The world is not ready yet by far, and Kokoomus wants to contribute to the efforts of Finland, the EU and the UN in fighting global poverty and defending human rights everywhere in the world.