This is the National Coalition Party of Finland

The National Coalition Party is a political party that has a firm sense of values and a will to develop Finland in a responsible way. We believe in the individual, in responsibility and freedom. We want to build a better welfare state in which every individual has the opportunity to become a success and those who are most disadvantaged are cared for.

The National Coalition Party – a Popular Movement

The National Coalition Party is much more than its MPs, ministers or MEPs – it is a popular movement. There are more than 41,000 of us across the nation, all doing things to promote a better society, each in our own way. The National Coalition Party is an ideological avocation that teaches its adherents new things all the time! For some, this means taking an active role in meetings; for others, it means engaging in collective projects with ordinary citizens.

The National Coalition Party in the Finnish Parliament

In the 2015 parliamentary elections, the National Coalition Party won 37 seats. The National Coalition Party uses responsible politics to develop the Finnish welfare state. In Parliament, we push for laws that promote a positive, civilized, caring and tolerant society. We are convinced that legislation is not enough to change Finland. A new, active and entrepreneurial spirit is also needed.


An International Party

The National Coalition Party is an international party that strives to make the world more just. Through our international contacts with other nations and international organizations, we advocate democracy, human rights and a free market economy. We are concerned about climate change, the supply of food and clean water, and the state of the environment.

The National Coalition Party works actively for a more open, international and successful Finland. Benefits from the unification of Europe outnumber the disadvantages, although this fact is sometimes forgotten. A strong EU benefits all Finns. That is why the National Coalition Party works consistently to develop the EU in a direction that is sensible for the Finnish nation.

The party has three members in the European Parliament: Sirpa Pietikäinen, Petri Sarvamaa and Henna Virkkunen. The National Coalition Party is the largest Finnish party in the European Parliament.