Document Archive

What were the aims of the National Coalition Party in parliamentary elections in 2011? Or in 1922? Where does the party stand on municipal politics? What are the party?s main objectives? What strategies has the National Coalition Party parliament group outlined in its reports?

The Document Archive is a repository for the political programmes, reports and publications of the National Coalition Party community. Working in cooperation with the Archives of the Organizations of the National Coalition Party, the Document Archive makes new and old documents available in digital format.

To the Document Archive

Need More Material?

The Archives of the Organizations of the National Coalition Party (Porvarillisen Työn Arkisto, PTA) gathers and preserves archive material of the party?s parliamentary group, its member organizations and other bodies. It also serves as the central archive of the National Coalition Party. Archives of foundations with close ties to the party are also held at the PTA. The archive is supervised by Finnish National Archives and it cooperates with other private central archives.

The PTA also keeps personal papers and maintains an extensive photographic archive. The largest photographic collection consists of photographs from the Nykypäivä magazine. The archives of regional organizations of enterprises in the entire metropolitan area, including Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa, are kept at the PTA.

The archive spans the period from 1906 to the present. In addition to analogue material, the archive also has digital archives for research use.

The archive also includes the following materials:

  • Photography archive
    • Personal photographs
    • Photographs from functions of the party and its regional and local organizations
    • Photographs from elections
    • Keyword photographs
    • Home movies and videos (approximately 500 pcs)
    • Sound recordings (over 1500 pcs)
      • Interviews
      • Records from party conferences, council meetings, government functions, etc.
      • Records of the party?s regional organizations
      • Records of the party?s local organizations
      • Records of the party?s senior citizens? organization, Kansallinen Senioriliitto, and cultural organization, Kulttuuriliitto
      • Minutes of the meetings of the National Coalition Party Foundation since 1924
      • More than 1500 election and other posters
      • Extensive press clipping collections
      • Periodicals of organizations close to the party
        • (Nykypäivä, Suomen Nainen, Nuori Oikeisto, etc.)


Accession of Archival Materials

The Document Archive accepts archives of organizations as well as personal papers. Deeds of transfer are drawn up in accordance with the donor?s wishes.

How Can the Archives be Accessed?

As a rule, original documents can only be accessed on site in the research room of the PTA (see contact information). Some materials (only on microfilm) can be requested on loan to a library or a unit of the archive itself. No home loans are granted.

For more details on the terms and conditions of distance lending, prices, and the procedures of distance lending, please ask the archive staff.

The PTA is also constantly digitizing documents for the use of its customers. Some of the digital records are accessible in the virtual research room on the PTA website at The virtual research room is an online service that allows registered users to access digital archive materials over the Internet. More information about the virtual research room